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Give today to help men transition from incarceration to freedom!

Change a man, save a life and his family! Partnering with M4M makes this possible as we walk together towards freedom in Christ. Equipping men to make a change.

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Here's Davids' Story

David was a troubled young man who did not know what being a husband and a father was all about. The example he was given by his own father left him broken and hurting. And ultimately a failure with his family and behind bars, incarcerated for 10 years in 6 different facilities. The day he was sentenced his mother was there in the courthouse, hearing the verdict she said “You just killed me.” It wasn’t long after that she died without getting to see the change God made in Davids' life. This all too common story is played out across our country and the world. Davids' day of reckoning occurred when he accepted an invitation to attend a gathering of men who like himself were struggling to survive and put their lives back together. David arrived late and was told “early is on time, on time is late and late is not acceptable, why are you late?” David said he was jumped by two guys and fought them. Asked what he then did, he said he picked up a small log and broke the windows of their car out and took off running to Man 4 Man.. This everyone allowed was an acceptable excuse. After eating some pizza David got up to leave the meeting early. Bob Blume said. “Where you going were not done hear yet?” David said “I got to go find those guys and kill them!” Then Bob told him that “we don’t kill on Wednesdays; you will have to pick another day. “ This started a twenty year journey for David and Dr. Robert (Bob) Blume of Man 4 Man Ministries. Today David is a leader in the community, a husband, father, grandfather and fulltime employee at Man 4 Man.

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